Changed fashion in Japan

Almost all Japanese people used to wear the kimono,but now Japanese people are wearing Western style fashion.

The kimono is the Japanese traditional costume. Japanese used to wear the kimono until around 1945〜1970.

Nowadays young people wear the kimono less frequently and only

for special occasions, such as the New Year's Day, Graduation,Coming-of-Age

Day or wedding receptions.

“Why don’t Japanese people wear the kimono any longer??”

I think there are some reasons for this.

Maybe the war broke out, It does not allow much freedom of movement, It is very expensive and It is difficult to wear.

But I think, All Japanese people still love “the kimono culture “

Do you know yukata?

Yukata is the informal cotton kimono worn in the summer.

and it is not too expensive and not too difficult to wear.

So some Japanese people wear the yukata every summer,especially to go to the fire work festival.

I actually like yukata.

I used to wear the yukata every summer when I lived in Japan.

and also I brought it to Portland.

So, I want to go to the Japanese garden wearing the kimono.

And If you come to japan,you should try to wear the kimono.

You can have good experience!!





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